Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saladarity (opening)

The big opening was Thursday. We had a pretty good turnout. The weather was beautiful and so were the people. It was nice to see everyone's stuff received so positively. I think there was even a sale made. Awesome!

We also had a live performance by the ever entertaining, Doctor Wasabi. He recited a lovely poem to accompany his demonstration.

I am the Eye of the Dragon Fly

As I rambled down that ribbon of highway
I saw below me that River San Lorenz-way
I saw above that damsel, fly, away,
This road was me for for her and I,

I revved my 4 stroke, she beat her wing yolk,
I longed to join her, in freedom’s fly way
HumVees honked behind me and I lost her there....
but this road was made for her and I,

Right on water, right on ocean, right on Broadway, wrong on River,
Where is she? my cough did quiver, my sulfur breath, into the air

for many a day, yes rainy day,
my cough did echo, my backfire bray,
My stinging breath came back of course,
salmon yellow drizzle, swimming back to it’s source,

Now acid sweat, raining down on the river of Lorenzo-town
where no more damsels, could be e’re found.

I am the Eye of the Damsel Fly

200,000 thousand miles, 32 years, 13 crashes , broken bones and tears,
paint upon paint to cover my pain, layer upon layer, my owner’s insane?

When finally I was bid the auto wrecker’s grave, some torch wielding sculptor did block my way
and cut and pounded my hubcaps and doors, and brought me back to life once more,

but now I am, the poor soul that I once sought, who’s fragile wings my acid fought,
I will seek her lace where-ever I dare, and give you her eggs and pray you take care,
Or ride your bike, or walk your shoe, find a way to make her river renew.

So light my one last flaming breath, that my spirit may find hers, anon in death.

I am the Eye of the Volkswagon Fly©2009

To find out more about the Good Doctor's work, please visit his website

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