Saturday, March 14, 2009

the first post ever!

I started a new workshop this week at school. Felting. Well, it's really about making felted stuff into wearable art. Originally I wasn't going to take it because I thought it might turn into a dangerous hobby. I was right, I foresee it being a bit of a time-suck. However, there is the possibility of being able to sell some stuff on the greatest site in the world, etsy. The materials, although quite beautiful are not terribly costly, which is nice. It's just a matter of people actually buying something. We'll see.
The sushi roll is my first little project. It's a millifiore type technique. I created a bunch of felt "rods" and fused/felted them together. The sushi contains smoked salmon, cucumber, carrots, cream cheese, nori, and rice. I'll be felting a plate to put them on.

Next will be a Starr roll, in honor of the greatest sushi roll in the world. H2O Smithtown represent!

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